Taxi from Ataturk Airport to the Grand Cevahir Hotel costs about 25 euros.

Transportation from Ataturk Airport to Taksim by the shuttle (HAVAŞ) (5 euros transfer to the first stop Taksim Square) and 12 euros transfer to the Grand Cevahir Hotel.

By Metro, it takes 14 minutes from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Sultanahmet – Taksim station (2 euros) and then 2 stops to Şişli-Mecidiyekoy station (closest station to Grand Cevahir Hotel).


Tickets: Tickets must be purchased for trains, subways, underground trains (tunnels), funicular and ferries. Tokens are sold at every station near stations.

Public transport
Buses from Ortaköy, Arnavutköy, Bebek and other regions along the Bosphorus are the most convenient transportation vehicles. The easiest access to shopping and business centers in Nişantaşı, Teşvikiye, Etiler and Levent can be achieved with a new subway line going from Taksim to the north.

The local transport office is also available in English on the informative website of the IETT and maps and schedules can be accessed on the site.

IETT (General Directorate of Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Operations) Erkan-ı Harp Sokak 4, Tunnel
Most of the buses used for city transportation are provided by municipal buses; As well as private public buses. Municipal buses are red-white or green, with IETT logos in front. Private public buses are blue – green.
Bus tickets
For municipal buses, tickets must be taken before boarding the bus station (no money in municipal buses). Private public buses have a ticket officer near the entrance gate and must be picked up at the bus fare (city bus tickets are not valid on private public buses). IETT and private public buses are Akbil (detailed below) and the same is the same. Municipal bus tickets can be bought at the main stops and at stations, in newspaper shops, in kiosks and on mobile vendors, paying thirty percent.

Akbil smart card is an electronic travel card used in all public transportation vehicles except minibuses and minibuses. With this card you can travel at a discount of ten percent. Akbil can be bought with a small deposit from the main bus, boats and underground stations. Buses can be used by pressing the round metal part of the socket on the orange machine near the chauffeur or by reading on the left side of the turnstiles on the subway, light rail access vehicles, tram and ferry stations. Filling can be done again at the buses, subways, tram stations and Akbil machines on the ferryboats or in the Akbil booths.

The most useful card for visitors is a one-day, one-week, 15-day or one-month blue travel card.

Bus routes & maps
New buses have screens showing route information. Route maps are also available at bus stops. Bus journeys can turn into torture because of the large number of routes and the endless road work. Buses run between 6 am and 11 am. It is the two main bus terminals in the north of Kabataş and Taksim Golden Horn Bridge.

Below is information about bus routes:
Taksim – Topkapi 83
Taksim – Bahçeşehir 76E, 76D
Taksim – Sultanahmet T4
Taksim – Ortaköy DT1, DT2
Taksim – Edirnekapi 87
Taksim – Kadikoy 110
Taksim – Aksaray (subway) 83MT
Taksim – Sarıyer 25T, 40
Taksim – Bus Station 83O
Otogar – Eminönü 91O
Bus Station – Beşiktaş 28O
Kabatas – Besiktas 22E
Kabataş – Reşitpaşa 22RE, 58A
Kabatas – Sarıyer 25E
Topkapi – Beşiktaş 28T
Topkapi – Sarıyer 341T
Topkapi – Kadikoy 127
Sarıyer – Kilyos 151
Sarıyer – Beşiktaş 40B
Aksaray – Airport light metro
Edirnekapı – Beşiktaş 28
Mini buses & minibuses
The cabins are a cab that is shared with other passengers and moves when all the seats are filled. The minibuses operate on a certain route (the first movement points and the last stops are on the windshield) but they do not have specific stops. A single fee has been set for the trips.

Metro & trams
Metro Taksim works between the north and the 4th Levent. Osmanbey, Şişli and Gayrettepe stops. Using the Taksim south line, you can reach the sea bus pier and Maslak in Yenikapi.
Another option is the light rail system which provides access to Esenler bus terminal and airport from Aksaray (north of Grand Bazaar).
The only modern tram line of the city is working on Zeytinburnu – Aksaray – Sultanahmet route and the last stop is Eminönü which is near Galata Bridge. This line is the most convenient line to visit for the Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Egyptian Bazaar and the Golden Horn. You can also use the tram to visit the city’s ramparts. Before taking the tram, you can ride the tram by purchasing coins from the stops and by dropping this coin into automatic barriers at the platform entrance.
Between Eminönü and Besiktas, there is also a line passing through Galata Bridge. There are six stations including Karaköy, Kabatas, ferry and sea bus terminals. There is also a new funicular which opened in 2006 and connects Kabatas to Taksim Square (using the subway).
If you want to visit the Sultan Ahmet Square and the Grand Bazaar (where the Sultan Ahmet Mosque and Aya Sofya are located), you should definitely choose the tram. It is one of the most convenient lines for tourists.

You will not have any trouble finding a taxi day and night. The permitted taxis are bright yellow in color and there is a taxi sign at the top of the vehicles. Negotiations are not possible and need not be tipped. Taxi drivers may not always be the people who know the city very well. Your driver can ask you, other drivers, or a pedestrian path. If you are going to cross the Bosporus bridges, the bridge fee will be included in the last check.

Ferryboats & sea buses
Boats and ships are working between Europe and Asia. All ferryboats have schedules of departure and arrival times, and can be accessed via the internet.

The main ferry line on the European side is Eminönü, Karaköy and Beşiktaş towers; It starts from Üsküdar and Kadıköy piers on the Asian side.

There is another line passing through Eminönü between the Golden Horn, Eyüp and Üsküdar. There is also a less frequent line running from Eminonu to Haydarpaşa, Ortaköy, Arnavutköy, Bebek, Kandilli.

Eminönü and Kabatas can be reached and the Prince Islands can be reached by ferry. Bosphorus tour is held three times a day in Eminönü.

Modern catamarans (sea buses) are faster, but more expensive, and usually only work at busier hours. You can get on the ferryboats or on the internet.