3rd Insact Joint European Conference

This third ENSACT conference will focus on “Social action in Europe: inclusive policies and practice.” It addresses the question of how to foster inclusiveness and solidarity with vulnerable groups in times of economic and political uncertainty. I kindly invite researchers, professionals in social policy, lecturers, educators and students, practitioners, managers and representatives of client groups to attend this conference and exchange ideas, perspectives and good-practices on this timely issue.
I look forward to your contributions and lively debates at our third ENSACT conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

I am pleased to invite you, on behalf of Turkey’s Social Worker(s), to the 3rd Ensact European Conference to be organized on 16 – 19 April 2013 in Istanbul, by “Turkish Association of Social Workers” (TASW).

Turkish Association of Social Workers, founded in 1988 in Ankara, is the professional organization for social workers in Turkey. It has 19 branches throughout the country. The Association follows social policies conducted by public and private sector, practices and laws in social service areas (Children and young people, women, elderly, disabled). It takes an active role in solving problems encountered in practice and the development of social policies. The Association has organized many educational conferences and congresses in the field of Social Services. Finally, it has organized the 7th National Congress of Social Services on 16-17 April 2011.